Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News from the escarpment...

What's the big local news around here?

Toowoomba just set the record for the world's biggest lamington! It was apparently equivalent to 45,000 normal sized lamingtons. There is even a Facebook page. This is serious business.

Rat Attack! A local woman's apartment is infested. Oh the horror.

Overweight women get worse customer service than skinny women at dress shops.

There was a fatal shooting at Nobby's general store. Don't worry, mom. If I get into any outback feuds I'll make sure I get them before they get me. No rules out here.

The Maroons (a.k.a. Cane Toads) did not win the game, so we're on to the third and final game of the State of Origin series in a few weeks! Believe the headlines: we may have lost the battle, but we WILL win the war.

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