Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And the winner is...

Becca Hedges, with her lightning-fast skillz of a lion! Send me your address, B.

Here were some other noteworthy responses:

Cossie is your swimwear costume. trunks.
bottle-o is your liquor store or bottle shop commonly attached to a pub.
arvo is a lazy australian way of saying afternoon.
pissed I guess is drunk.

I'll be stuffed! Sheila's been waggin' the Clinton and hitting the turps like a bogan. She knows every boozer and bottle-o this side of Bourke Street. Yesterday arvo she was sprung pissed, running down to the beach waving her cossie over her head like a dill.

Translation: I can't believe that after traveling half-way round the world that woman would drop out of her prestigious internship and become a regular drunk. Only a week in and she's already well acquainted with every liquor shop and bar in town. And yesterday afternoon she got so blasted, they caught her running down to the ocean buck-naked waving her bathing suit over head like an idiot.

1. swimwear
2. liquor shop
3. afternoon
4. drunk (or to take the piss - to make fun of/joke)

used in a sentence: this arvo we should grab our cossies stop by the bottle-o and head to the beach to get pissed. make sure to grab the eski and throw it in the boot and if you forget you will be a heapin' wank.

1) Togs
2) Bottle-shop
3) After dinner and before tea (at least on a Sunday)
4) Blotto

1) cossie: a fur shawl worn tightly wrapped around the neck
2) bottle-o: a fully stocked liquor cabinet (much like the one we have here at home, currently)
3) arvo: turn of phrase much akin to "my bad", commonly used en los estados unidos
4) pissed: DRUNK of yo ass

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