Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pics in Exhibition

Three of my pictures from Thailand were accepted to a photography exhibit at Columbia called "Views In--Undergraduates Photograph a Year in East and Southeast Asia." Submissions were supposed to reflect key themes in the societies and and cultures of the region. The exhibition is taking place on the fourth floor of the School of International and Public Affairs building. The photos will be on display until November 13th. Also, one picture from each photographer is online at

One the pictures is shown above, and the captions are:

FISH: Wheels of dried fish are sold at a riverside market for six Baht. Fresh fish, fish paste, and other fish products are a key component of Thai cooking in both coastal and inland communities. Global fisheries collapse threatens to undermine this important source of protein for southeast Asia.

[not pictured here]
RAPID DEVELOPMENT: Riverbank erosion upstream of the infamous Pak Mun Dam has led to serious infrastructural problems. Here, a paved walkway in a public park threatens to detach and collapse. Local communities face other hardships such as fish shortages and declining water quality.

FAMILY: Members of the Duangputtan family of Chiang Mai share sliced guava and mango on a Sunday afternoon. Kinship ties are the glue that hold Thai social life together.