Friday, June 24, 2011

How do you measure up?

One unit of measurement the Australian water planning folks use is a "sydharb". You have until midnight Toowoomba time on Monday, June 27th to find out the volume of one (1) sydharb and tell us what it is based on. Prizes will also be given out to anyone who can name and define another unusual Australian unit of measurement. Get to it, geeks!

The usual: leave your answer as a comment on this post and I won't moderate them until the contest closes on Monday.


  1. Thank god I was online when you posted! Stands for Sydney Harbor, equal to 500 gigaliters. Another measurement is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (that seems odd) or a square, which is 100 square feet.

    I hope the prize is amazing. - Sarah F.

  2. its the amount of water in sydney harbour! too easy acadia. 500 gigalitres.

    miss you.

    here's a great unit of water volume: the acre foot. A foot of water, spread across a whole acre. very common. But if you consider the actual numbers involved, very bizare. 66 feet by 660 feet by 12 inches.

  3. 1 Sydney Harbour = 500 gigalitres, the approximate amount of water in the Syd.Harb. at any given time.

    Folks over yonder also use the "square", which is a 100 square ft. area used in the construction industry. boop

  4. That is awesome. The volume of 1 sydharb is about 500 gigalitres, also known as a shit ton, also known as 400,000 acre-feet, also known as the amount of water in the Sydney Harbor. What a cool measurement.