Thursday, August 11, 2011

E-postcards from a chilly paradise

Mama's visiting!

We went on a night hike chasing pademelons and ring-tailed possums with night vision goggles!

And now we're on Heron Island swimming with sting rays and sharks along the Great Barrier Reef!


  1. Is pademelon anything like watermelon? And why must it be hunted only at night?

    Curious in Little Rock

  2. Dear Curious,

    Pademelons, like most Australian mammals, are nocturnal (though we did spot a few during daylight hours). They look a lot like small kangaroos. Some tour operators offer nighttime "spotlighting" walks, but using normal visible light flashlights-- or "torches" as they're called here-- can damage the eyes of nocturnal animals, so night vision goggles or infrared flashlights are preferable. Unfortunately, the night we went there was a very bright moon, so the forest creatures were being more cautious than usual and we didn't see any out in the open. We did find a colony of glow worms hanging out in some roadside brush, which was pretty cool!