Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mystery moves


What are these guys doing? And what's with the pants? This one is a mystery even to me, so hopefully it will be the challenge some of you are looking for. I don't think it's just your average everyday break dancing.

The usual: leave your answer as a comment on this post and I won't moderate them until the contest closes on Tuesday, July 5th at midnight Brisbane time.


  1. They are doing some type of shuffle dance (rocking). I think they are wearing Phat pants.

  2. well, clearly they are dancing in big pants. Actually, i think they are part of a hip hop dance team dressed in their wanna-be-firemen duds getting ready for an audition for a reality dance show. This is them chillin' during the warm up.

  3. Wow, Hollie! I'm way impressed that you knew this. I did some internet research on shuffle dance and it looks like it originated in Melbourne, AUS in the 80s and has had a super interesting evolution. More info here:

  4. In case you were wondering, that's Ayack in the background. He was giving me his thoughts on artistic expression as we tried to decide what these TBs were up to.