Saturday, March 7, 2009

Awesome Day

5:00 am- Crawled out from under a bed net in the farming community of Mae Taa.

6:00 am- Watched the sun rise over the mountains from the window of a van as we made our way back down towards CM City.

7:00 am- Helped a woman from Mae Tae sell her organic vegetables at the market. We tended the gardens where the vegetables came from yesterday.

8:00 am- Unwrapped a banana leaf cradling a sweet concoction of banana, sticky rice, and beans.

9:00 am- Explored the lost city of Wiang Kam Kum.

10:00 am- Learned about the history of Chiang Mai at the CM Cultural Center.

11:00 am- Marveled at the influence of ancient Asian culture in paintings at an art gallery.

Noon: Entered a secret noodle shop.

1:00 pm: Finished the noodles. Felt like it would be OK to pass on through the pearly gates.

2:00 pm: Washed clothes by hand. I can tell I'm getting better because it only took me an hour this time.

3:00 pm: Bounced down a dirt road on the back of a motorcycle with a basket full of cookie ingredients.

4:00 pm: Attempted to make chocolate cookies with macadamia nuts.

5:00 pm: Sat around the table discussing life with Mae Toon and Mae Waew.

6:00 pm: Scraped some crispy, failed cookies off of a cookie sheet. Took a tour of Mae Toon's gorgeous garden.

7:00 pm: Sat down to dinner and Channel 7 with the fam.

8:00 pm: Pooped.

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